Algerian Customers Visit To Participate In Mushroom Training

Release Time: 2019-08-10
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In August 2019, a delegation of Algerian clients arrived in China with the aim of acquiring knowledge in the cultivation of mushroom, commonly known as the white button mushroom. As a manufacturer specializing in mushroom cultivation equipment, we were thrilled to welcome them and offer our expertise in this field.

To cater to their needs, we arranged for the Algerian delegation to attend a comprehensive training program at a local mushroom cultivation school. Here, they were introduced to the fundamentals of Agaricus bisporus cultivation, including soil preparation, inoculation techniques, and post-harvest handling. Our expert trainers guided them through each step, ensuring that they gained a thorough understanding of the process.

In addition to the theoretical sessions, the delegation also had the opportunity to observe practical demonstrations and hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art mushroom cultivation facilities. This gave them a firsthand look at the equipment and techniques that are essential for successful mushroom farming.