Bangladeshi Clients Visit Satrise For Fungi Technology And Equipment Inspection

Release Time: 2016-09-27
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In September 2016, clients from Bangladesh visited China to explore the cultivation techniques and equipment for edible mushrooms. Satrise, a leading mushroom cultivation equipment supplier renowned for its expertise in both technology and equipment, guided the delegation through its factory.

During the tour, Satrise introduced the clients to the various cultivation methods for different mushroom species, emphasizing the role of each piece of equipment in the cultivation process. The clients were fascinated by the intricate details and innovative designs of the equipment, which were tailored to enhance the growth and quality of mushrooms.

Furthermore, the Bangladeshi delegation was treated to a tour of local mushroom farms, where they observed the practical application of the techniques and equipment they had learned about. This hands-on experience further cemented their understanding of the mushroom cultivation process.

The visit not only strengthened the relationship between Satrise and the Bangladeshi clients but also established the company as a trusted partner in the field of mushroom cultivation. Satrise’s comprehensive services, encompassing both equipment and technical expertise, were highly praised by the delegation, paving the way for future collaborations and business opportunities.