Colombian Customers Come To China For Study And Inspection

Release Time: 2017-05-13
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In May 2017, a Colombian customer delegation came to China to inspect the potential of the edible fungi industry, focusing on cultivating Ganoderma lucidum and shiitake mushrooms. As part of the trip, they also aimed to gain knowledge in liquid spore technology.

As a leading supplier of mushroom cultivation equipment, Satrise has professional knowledge in cultivation technology and accompanies customers throughout the entire visit. The Satrise team provides comprehensive introductions and insights into the latest developments in the industry, especially in the field of equipment and technology.

Colombian customers have been particularly impressed by Satrise’s expertise and commitment to quality. They are able to observe all stages of mushroom cultivation, from spore preparation to harvest, and are guided through the entire process by Satrise professionals. Delegations also had the opportunity to discuss their specific needs and objectives with Satrise, exploring potential collaborations and solutions tailored to their requirements.

Accompanied and guided by Satrise, the Colombian delegation gained a deeper understanding of China’s mushroom cultivation industry and the role of advanced equipment and technology in its success. They believe that with Satrise’s support they can successfully implement a mushroom growing program in Colombia.