Factory Production of Oyster Mushrooms(2)

Release Time: 2024-05-18
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1. Factory design
Refer to the enoki mushroom factory or use the bottled enoki mushroom factory.
2. Equipment varieties and models
Boilers, sterilizers, bottling machines, bacteria scratching machines, bottle digging machines, mushroom environment control equipment, etc.
3. Process flow
Ingredients – bottling – sterilization – cooling – inoculation – culture – inoculation – fruiting – harvesting
4. Variety selection
Black, small mushroom type variety. Huimei, 650, etc.
Solid, liquid.
Bottle cultivation material formula: 60% corncob, 18% sawdust, 15% wheat bran, 5% cornmeal, 2% calcium carbonate.
7. Bottling
The bottling machine automatically fills bottles using 1100ml or 1200ml plastic bottles.
8. Sterilization
Autoclave for 3 hours.
9. Vaccination
Vaccination machine.
10.Cultivation of mycelium
The temperature is 22°C for bacteria to grow. It takes 25 days for solid bacteria to fill the bottle and 18 days for liquid bacteria to fill the bottle.
11. Mushroom fruiting method
Mushrooms can be produced by scratching them and placing them upright or parallel.
12.Environmental control during the fruiting period
The temperature is 15℃, the relative humidity is 85%, the carbon dioxide concentration is below 1000PPM, and the light intensity is 100lx.
13. Harvest
Harvested manually when 60% mature.