Guide The Installation And Commissioning Of Mushroom Equipment In Thailand

Release Time: 2017-08-26
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In August 2017, Satrise was invited by a Thai customer to travel to Thailand to discuss the operation and usage of liquid fermentation tanks, as well as matters related to the straw mushroom bagging machine.

Upon arrival, our team met with the customer and engaged in detailed discussions on the operation and maintenance of the fermentation tanks. We provided comprehensive guidance on the optimal use of the equipment, ensuring that the customer had a thorough understanding of the system.

Additionally, we addressed concerns and queries regarding the straw mushroom bagging machine, discussing potential improvements and modifications that could enhance its performance. The customer expressed keen interest in these suggestions and looked forward to implementing them in their production process.

The visit was a successful one, with both parties expressing satisfaction with the outcome. We were able to build a stronger relationship with our Thai customer and establish a foundation for future collaborations. This experience further strengthened Satrise’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and supporting our clients in achieving their business goals.