Key Points for High Yield of Mushroom Cultivation in Winter

Release Time: 2024-02-22
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1. Scientific vaccination. The deeper the inoculation hole is, the more bacteria will be contained, which will help enhance the drought resistance of shiitake mushroom mycelium. The mycelium in the mushroom seed block will germinate quickly under relatively constant temperature and humidity conditions.

2. Hot water induces budding. The yield of mushroom cubes can be doubled by soaking the cubes in hot water to promote budding. The specific method is: ① Select the blocks or cylinders that will produce good bacteria, fully change the color and dry them, and select pollution-free and complete blocks or cylinders for processing. ② Soaking the cubes in warm water is a good way to cultivate shiitake mushrooms in winter to promote budding. When soaking the blocks, generally boil the water to 33°C and then pour the mushroom blocks or tubes into the pool and soak them for 3 to 5 hours. If the water temperature drops, add hot water and adjust the water temperature to 18~33℃. Remove the soaked pieces and place them on the mushroom fruiting site. Cover them with plastic film to maintain their temperature until buds appear on the pieces, and then ventilate them. If the temperature is low during the fruiting period, hot water of 18-33°C can be directly sprayed on the block, and then covered with plastic film to increase the temperature of the environment inside the film.

3. Mushroom management and protection. It takes about 1 week for the fruiting bodies of shiitake mushrooms to mature. The management during this period should be as follows: control the room temperature to about 15°C, maintain the relative humidity of the air at about 90%, and perform alternating hot and dry stimulation. After each batch of mushrooms is harvested, the film should be removed and ventilated for 8 to 10 hours to allow the surface of the mushroom tube to dry slightly, and then spray water again on sunny days. Cover tightly with a film during the day to rejuvenate the mycelium. After 12 o’clock in the evening, remove the film and ventilate for 1 hour to allow the low temperature to stimulate the mycelium and promote the formation of mushroom buds. This can last for 3 to 4 days.


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