Liquid Culture Technology(2)

Release Time: 2024-05-14
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Types of liquid strains: solid liquefied strains, reduced strains, and fermenter strains. Here we focus on fermenter strains. Fermentor strains include Korean fermenter strains and Chinese fermenter strains. Chinese fermenter strains are further divided into sandwich tank strains and coil tank strains.

1. Korean-style fermentation tank liquid strains

2. Chinese-style fermentation tank liquid strains

The Chinese-style fermentation tank liquid strain technology was borrowed from the fermentation industry. Fermentation tanks are divided into coil tanks and jacketed tanks, single tanks and multiple tanks, magnetic stirring and shaft stirring.

Comparison between Chinese-style fermentation tanks and Korean-style fermentation tanks:

In addition, liquid strains can also be transformed into solid strains through technical means. This technology is mainly used in shiitake mushrooms, crab flavored mushrooms and black porcini mushrooms.