Morel Factory Cultivation Technology And Application

Release Time: 2024-05-21
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In recent years, morels, a popular variety in the field of artificial cultivation of edible fungi, have been enthusiastically sought after by the majority of cultivators, and the industry has therefore achieved rapid development. However, due to technical limitations, the factory-scale shelf cultivation of morels has always been a challenge. Recently, however, a breakthrough has been made in this technical problem.

In an edible fungi base in Liaoning, the shelf-type cultivation of morels has been successful. This success marks that the province has made important technological progress in the field of morel cultivation, and is of great significance to the large-scale cultivation and popularization of morels in the future.

For factory cultivation of morels, the biggest difficulty lies in ventilation and humidity control. During the planting process, the humidity needs to be strictly controlled at 50-60%, while during the fruiting stage of the morels, the humidity needs to be increased to 80-90%. Only when the humidity is properly controlled can the quality and yield of morels be guaranteed, otherwise mushrooms may not fruit.

At present, the base has achieved annual production of morels, with an output of about 500 kilograms per mu of land. With the continuous optimization of the planting model, it is expected that the future output is expected to further increase to 1,000 kilograms per mu of land, thereby further improving the planting efficiency and bringing more benefits to the growers.