Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Techniques(2)

Release Time: 2024-05-07
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There are various ways to produce mushrooms, such as cutting the bag mouth, rolling the bag mouth, cutting the mouth to produce mushrooms, and ringing the mushrooms. Practice has proved that the collar has a better mushroom fruiting effect and is especially suitable for the production of oyster mushrooms in high-temperature seasons. First, the germination speed is fast and the hyphae are strong. Second, due to the positioning of the mushrooms, the mushroom shape is good. Third, compared with the cut bag, the exposed mushroom surface is smaller and the mushroom bag loses less water. Fourth, compared with slit bags, there are fewer ineffective mushrooms and higher yields. Fifth, the output is concentrated, the production cycle is shortened, and the probability of disease and insect pest infection is reduced.

Increased production and efficiency: The bacteria can be fully grown 7 to 10 days earlier, shortening the cultivation cycle. Mushrooms are produced neatly, and mushroom yield and commerciality are increased by more than 5%.

Technical points:
(1) Choose a ring that is injection molded in one step, has high hardness, has a diameter of 5cm, and a ring height of about 2cm.
(2) Determine the rod making time according to the temperature and market conditions. It is best to make rods in batches.
(3) Depending on the length of the fungus bag, it can be used at one end or both ends. Generally, the bacteria bag size is 22cm x (46 ~ 48)cm. The bacteria sticks can be filled in about 20 days.
(4) After the mycelium matures, the temperature difference in the shed can be appropriately increased and the humidity can be increased. For example, spray water on the ground, walls, and space to maintain a relative humidity of 80% to 90%. Do not spray water directly on the young buds. Other management measures are the same as conventional management.