Oyster Mushroom Industry Model(2)

Release Time: 2024-06-24
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1. Formula of culture material

Pleurotus ostreatus cultivation has a wide range of raw materials, and various culture material formulas have been created in various places according to the raw material conditions and climate characteristics. The recommended high-yield culture material formulas are as follows:
1. Cottonseed hulls 15.8%, corn cobs (soybean straw) 63.2%, wheat bran 11%, soybean meal 7%, lime 2%, gypsum 1%, appropriate amount of water.
2. Cottonseed hulls 15%, corn cobs 47%, soybean straw 15%, wheat bran 20%, lime 2%, gypsum 1%, appropriate amount of water.

2. Mixing of culture material
Prepare raw materials according to the formula. Corn cobs, soybean straw, etc. must be pre-wetted. After mixing the culture material, add water and mix evenly. The moisture content of the culture material varies depending on the raw materials, but is generally around 65%.

3. Bagging
Bag specifications: 20~24×36~45×0.004cm polyethylene bag. 36-38 cm bags usually produce mushrooms at one end. 42-45 cm bags usually produce mushrooms at both ends.
Bagging: Bagging using a bagging machine. There are many types of bagging machines. The bags should be packed evenly, the filling amount should be as consistent as possible, and both ends should be tied or looped.

4. Sterilization
Use a high-pressure sterilizer, and the high-pressure sterilization temperature should not exceed 121°C.

5. Inoculation
Disinfect the inoculation environment → Disinfect the inoculation room → Cool the bags → Fumigation and disinfection → Disinfect the strain bags, inoculation tools, arms, etc. → Untie the mouth → Inoculate → Tie the mouth or seal it with a loop of newspaper. The inoculation process requires strict aseptic operation.

6. Bacteria bag culture
The bag temperature is about 25℃. Shade light and maintain a dark light environment. Keep the environment dry and the relative air humidity below 70%.

7. Fruiting Management
Management during the fruiting body differentiation period: the temperature is around 15°C. Scattered light around 600lx. Increase the amount of water spray and keep the relative air humidity around 90%. Increase ventilation to ensure adequate oxygen.
Fruit body growth period management: temperature 13℃~18℃.