Russian Customers Visit Satrise For King Oyster Mushroom Equipment

Release Time: 2015-05-18
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In May 2015, technical elites and company executives from Russia’s King Oyster Mushroom Factory visited Satrise to deeply explore King Oyster Mushroom cultivation technology and plan to purchase production lines.
During the period, Satrise’s business team explained in detail the process differences between bag cultivation and bottle cultivation. The bag cultivation mode is easy to operate, has low cost, and is suitable for large-scale production; while the bottle cultivation mode focuses on quality control, and the produced king oyster mushrooms are beautiful in shape and of high quality. Both modes have their own merits, and the supporting equipment required also has its own characteristics.
In addition to the cultivation mode, Satrise also demonstrated its unique strain cultivation technology and efficient production line equipment to customers, including automated strain inoculators, intelligent environmental monitoring systems, etc. Customers highly recognized Satrise’s professionalism and rich experience and successfully placed orders for production lines.
This cooperation not only demonstrates Satrise’s technical strength in the edible fungi industry, but also deepens cooperation and exchanges between China and Russia in the agricultural field.