Satrise Accompanied Malaysian Customers To Inspect The Factory Production Of Mushroom

Release Time: 2017-03-05
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In February 2017, the technical director of a leading king oyster mushroom factory in Malaysia arrived in China to inspect a factory specializing in the production of industrialized king oyster mushroom cultivation equipment. Satrise accompanied the delegation on the visit and provided them with insights and introductions throughout the visit.

During his stay, the Malaysian technology leader learned about the latest developments in king oyster mushroom cultivation systems. Satrise took them on a tour of various factories, highlighting the innovative features and benefits of the equipment being manufactured. They discuss the importance of automation and efficiency in mushroom cultivation and how these systems can significantly increase yields.

The Malaysian delegation was particularly interested in the equipment’s durability, scalability and its ability to adapt to different growing conditions. Satrise addressed their concerns and provided detailed explanations, ensuring they had a thorough understanding of the product.

The visit ended on a positive note with the Malaysian technical head expressing satisfaction and appreciation for Satrise’s guidance. The delegation returned to Malaysia with valuable knowledge and insights, ready to take their king oyster mushroom farming business to the next level.