Satrise At Zhangzhou Mushroom Festival With Thai Customers

Release Time: 2015-11-24
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In November 2015, Thai customers planned to carry out a straw mushroom planting project, so they came to China for inspection and exchange, and participated in the Zhangzhou Mushroom Festival accompanied by Satrise. This event not only provided Thai customers with a platform to gain an in-depth understanding of China’s straw mushroom industry, but also provided Satrise with an opportunity to communicate with top experts in the world’s mushroom industry.

During the Mushroom Festival, Satrise had an in-depth exchange with Greg, an expert from the World Mushroom Society. The two parties had a heated discussion on the differences between Chinese edible fungi and the world’s edible fungi in terms of varieties, cultivation techniques, and market demand. Expert Greg shared his insights on global mushroom industry trends, while Satrise introduced the latest developments in China’s edible mushroom industry and its efforts in technological innovation and quality control.

This exchange not only enhanced Satrise’s understanding of the global mushroom industry, but also brought it valuable industry insights. Through communication with Greg, Satrise has become more clear about its positioning and development direction in the global market. At the same time, this exchange also enhanced Satrise’s visibility and influence in the international mushroom industry, laying a solid foundation for its future international cooperation and business expansion.

Overall, through communication with Thai customers and with Greg, an expert from the World Mushroom Society, Satrise has not only strengthened its cooperative relationship with Thai customers, but also enhanced its status and influence in the global mushroom industry. This event is undoubtedly an important milestone for Satrise, marking a solid step forward on the international stage.