Satrise Inspected In Malaysia

Release Time: 2016-12-19
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In December 2016, the directors and technical team of Satrise Company embarked on a trip to Malaysia at the invitation of a Malaysian customer. The purpose of the visit was to inspect potential mushroom cultivation sites and gain a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment and raw materials available for cultivation.

On arrival, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the site, focusing on the availability and quality of raw materials such as compost and straw. The visit provided valuable insights into the Malaysian market and its potential for mushroom cultivation. They also recognize the need for innovative technologies and efficient equipment to optimize production and ensure the sustainability of the industry.

All in all, this trip to Malaysia was a very rewarding one for Satrise. Not only did it enable the company to assess the viability of the Malaysian market, it also established valuable connections and partnerships for future collaborations. Information gathered during the visit will guide Satrise in developing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of Malaysian farmers, driving the growth of the mushroom industry in the region.