Satrise Joins Ivia Leaders In Pleurotus Eryngii Factory Inspection

Release Time: 2016-10-29
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In October 2016, the chairman, CEO and technical director of the Malaysian Avia listed group led a delegation to China to explore the industrial cultivation of king oyster mushrooms. As a guide, Satrise promoted communication between the two parties and laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties.

During the visit, Satrise provided a comprehensive overview of the mushroom cultivation process, highlighting its technological advancements and market potential. The Iveya team was impressed with the efficiency and sustainability of the operation.

This meeting marks an important milestone in the collaboration between Iveya and Satrise. Both parties expressed strong interest in exploring further cooperation opportunities and leveraging each other’s strengths to drive innovation and growth.

This successful visit not only enhanced the understanding and trust between Iveya and Satrise, but also laid the foundation for future cooperation, which will definitely bring mutual benefits to both parties.