SATRISE leads the Delegation to Go Deep into Runhui Biotech to Explore a New Chapter in Industry Innovation and Development.

Release Time: 2024-04-21
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On April 21, 2024, Zhengzhou SATRISE Industry Co., Ltd. successfully organized a unique visiting and learning activity. The delegation of the 2024 Edible Fungi Whole Industry Chain Cross-Border Innovation and Development Conference, under the careful arrangement of Xinxiang Runhui Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., went deep into the factory, visited China’s shiitake mushroom production model, and jointly explored new opportunities for industry development.

After arriving at the factory, the delegation members were warmly received by the company leaders and employees. Under the guidance of the relevant person in charge of the company, the delegation members visited all aspects of the factory one by one, including the production line, fungus culture center, mushroom greenhouse and other core areas. Everyone listened carefully to the explanation, carefully observed the production process, and expressed high appreciation for the efficient operation and superb technology of the factory.

During the visit, SATRISE Industry had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the leaders of Xinxiang Runhui Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. The two parties conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on topics such as the future development trends, technological innovation paths, and market expansion strategies of the edible fungi industry. Everyone agreed that in the face of the continuous changes in the global market and the increasingly diversified consumer demands, strengthening exchanges and cooperation within the industry and jointly promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading are the keys to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

After the visit, members of the delegation said that this activity not only gave them a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the production strength and technical level of Xinxiang Runhui Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., but also gave them an understanding of the future of the edible fungi industry. Development is full of confidence and expectations. Everyone expressed that they would actively seek cooperation opportunities with Chinese factories to jointly promote the innovation and development of the edible fungi industry.

This visit not only provided a platform for SATRISE Industry and Xinxiang Runhui Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. to showcase their strength and charm, but also injected new vitality and impetus into exchanges and cooperation within the entire edible fungi industry.

This event not only enhanced the understanding and understanding of China’s edible fungi industry among representatives from all over the world, but also pointed out the direction for the future development of the industry. In the future, we look forward to seeing more companies join this ranks, jointly promote the prosperity and development of the edible fungi industry, and contribute more to human health.