SATRISE Leads the Delegation to Visit Hecheng Factory to Explore A New Chapter in the Development of the Industry

Release Time: 2024-04-20
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On the afternoon of April 20, under the leadership of Zhengzhou Satrise Industry Co., Ltd., the delegation of the 2024 Edible Fungi Whole Industry Chain Cross-Border Innovation and Development Conference visited Yuanyang Hecheng Edible Fungi Co., Ltd. for a visit and study. Mainly visiting the production of Enoki mushrooms and Hydrangea fungi, this visit aims to enhance all parties’ understanding of the factory’s production process, technological innovation and future development, and to build a bridge for cooperation and exchanges within the industry.

In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation arrived at the factory and were warmly received by the factory leaders. Under the leadership of Mr. Cao, everyone visited the factory’s production line, fungus culture center and mushroom fruiting center, and gained an in-depth understanding of the factory’s operation management and product manufacturing process. During the visit, Satrise had in-depth exchanges with factory leaders and discussed issues such as industry development trends, technological innovation and market opportunities.

After the visit, members of the delegation said that the visit gave them a more intuitive understanding of the factory’s production strength and technical level, and spoke highly of the factory’s status and influence in the industry. At the same time, everyone also expressed that they will actively seek cooperation opportunities with factories to jointly promote the development of the industry.

This visit not only enhanced the delegation members’ understanding of the factory, but also established a platform for exchange and cooperation for all parties. The future development of the industry is inseparable from the joint efforts and collaboration of all parties.We hope that everyone can work together to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry.

This visit not only demonstrated the strength and charm of Yuanyang Hecheng Edible Fungi Co., Ltd., but also injected new vitality into exchanges and cooperation within the industry. We believe that under the leadership of outstanding entrepreneurs around the world, the industry will usher in a better tomorrow.