SATRISE Leads the Delegation to Visit Sanlian Planting Cooperative to Explore New Opportunities in the Edible Fungi Industry

Release Time: 2024-04-20
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On the morning of April 20, 2024, under the leadership of SATRISE the delegation of the 2024 Edible Fungi Whole Industry Chain Cross-Border Innovation and Development Conference visited Mengzhou Sanlian Planting Cooperative for a visit and study. Mengzhou Sanlian Planting Cooperative mainly grows king oyster mushrooms, with a daily output of 25 tons of fresh mushrooms. This visit aims to enhance all parties’ understanding of the factory’s production process, technological innovation and future development, and to build a bridge for cooperation and exchanges within the industry.

Under the guidance of SATRISE, the delegation arrived at Mengzhou Sanlian Planting Cooperative. The leaders of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and the chairman of the company extended a warm welcome to the delegation and personally accompanied them during the visit. During the visit, members of the delegation learned in detail about the company’s King Oyster Mushroom production line, fungus cultivation facilities, product processing and other aspects, and expressed high appreciation for the company’s advanced technology and strict management.

During the visit, members of the delegation had in-depth exchanges with company leaders. The two parties had a heated discussion on the current development status and market expansion of the global edible fungi industry. At the same time, members of the delegation also actively shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable suggestions for the future development of the industry.

After the visit, members of the delegation said that this event gave them a more intuitive understanding of China’s production strength and technical level of king oyster mushrooms, and they looked forward to more in-depth cooperation with SATRISE in the future.

Through this visit, SATRISE has built a new platform for exchanges and cooperation within the industry. Against the background of the vigorous development of the global edible fungi industry, we believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, the edible fungi industry will usher in a better future.