Satrise Team Visited The Local Mushroom Base For Inspection And Study

Release Time: 2020-08-07
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From August 3 to 6, 2020, the Satrise team went deep into the local mushroom base and launched a comprehensive and detailed inspection trip. This inspection is not only a comprehensive understanding of the mushroom production process, but also an important practice for the team to learn professional knowledge.

During the inspection, the Satrise team started from the production of strains and went all the way to the bagging and sterilization production workshop, inoculation operations, bacteria breeding room management, and mushroom room management. The team members observed and recorded carefully, and conducted in-depth discussions and learning on every detail. This desire and pursuit of professional knowledge fully demonstrates Satrise’s emphasis on employees’ professional knowledge learning.

At the same time, this inspection is also an important investment for Satrise in talent training. Through on-site inspections, team members not only improved their professional qualities, but also accumulated valuable practical experience. This learning method that combines theory and practice helps to cultivate a group of outstanding talents with both theoretical knowledge and practical ability, providing a strong talent guarantee for the future development of Satrise.