Satrise Went To Mexico To Assist Customers In Debugging Equipment

Release Time: 2024-01-15
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In January 2024, the person in charge of Satrise and technical elites went to Mexico to assist local customers in debugging equipment. This time, the customer purchased a series of advanced equipment such as high-pressure sterilization cabinets, liquid inoculators, climate control systems, and sterilization racks from Satrise. At the commissioning site, the Satrise team demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and technical strength, not only ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment, but also making detailed optimization adjustments based on the actual needs of customers. The customer highly appreciated the professional service of the Satrise team and said that this cooperation will bring revolutionary improvements to its edible fungi production. This trip to Mexico not only demonstrated Satrise’s competitiveness in the international market, but also won the company the trust and recognition of more customers.