Satrise went to Taiwan for exchanges at the invitation of Japanese customers

Release Time: 2019-03-05
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In March 2019, we were invited by a Japanese client to Taiwan to engage in design discussions with their collaborating shiitake mushroom enterprise regarding the production line. This was an exciting opportunity for us, as a leading manufacturer of mushroom cultivation equipment, to contribute our expertise and innovations to this esteemed project.

During our visit, we met with the team from the shiitake mushroom enterprise and exchanged ideas on the design and functionality of the proposed production line. We discussed various aspects, including the type of equipment required, the layout of the production facility, and the efficiency of the overall process. Our team brought with them a wealth of experience in mushroom cultivation and production line design, which enabled us to provide valuable insights and suggestions.

The Japanese client was impressed with our professionalism and knowledge, and we were able to reach a consensus on the key elements of the production line design. This successful collaboration not only strengthened our relationship with the Japanese client but also opened up new opportunities for us in the global mushroom industry.

We are confident that this project will be a resounding success and will contribute significantly to the growth and development of the shiitake mushroom industry in Taiwan. We are eager to continue working with our partners and clients to bring the latest technology and innovations to the mushroom cultivation sector worldwide.