Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Technology(2)

Release Time: 2024-05-23
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Shiitake mushroom L808 is a shiitake mushroom variety bred by conventional system.


It is a medium-temperature variety. The hyphae are thick and white, with strong stress resistance, wide adaptability, and excellent and stable genetic characteristics. The fruiting body is dark brown, with large mushroom shape, round flower shape, short stipe, thick fungus flesh, dense tissue, difficult to open umbrella, and few deformed mushrooms. Suitable for cultivation in spring and autumn (mushrooms will not fruit from mid-July to mid-August).

Production performance

The biological transformation rate is about 100%.

Key points of cultivation

Conventional mature material cultivation. During the spawning period, the material temperature is controlled at 18~22℃, cultured in dark conditions, moderately ventilated, and the relative air humidity is about 65%; during the color change period, the temperature is controlled at 18~25℃, the relative air humidity is 85%, and scattered light is used; after the color change, the temperature difference is increased to stimulate budding; during the fruiting period, the temperature is controlled at 15~25℃, and the relative air humidity is 90%.

Suitable region

As a fresh-selling variety, it is suitable in shiitake mushroom producing areas.