South African Customers Come To Satrise To Purchase Oyster Mushroom Equipment

Release Time: 2017-04-17
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In April 2017, a South African customer delegation came to China with the purpose of inspecting oyster mushroom cultivation equipment and negotiating equipment procurement matters with Satrise, a well-known supplier in this field. Their focus is on growing oyster mushrooms, a popular and profitable crop in their area.

During their visit, the South African delegation was thoroughly impressed by the quality and performance of Satrise’s equipment. Our range of mushroom cultivation machines were designed with precision and innovation, ensuring maximum efficiency and yields.

Moreover, the delegation was equally impressed by Satrise’s commitment to service and technical expertise. The company’s team provided comprehensive support, guiding the delegation through the equipment selection process and offering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. They also shared valuable insights on mushroom cultivation techniques, ensuring that the South African clients would be able to successfully implement their mushroom farming plans.