Spanish Customers Inspect And Purchase Production Lines

Release Time: 2019-09-24
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In September 2019, a delegation of Spanish investors journeyed to China with the intent of exploring the intricate world of shiitake and oyster mushroom cultivation, while also discussing the procurement of advanced production line equipment. As a leading manufacturer of mushroom cultivation technology, we were delighted to escort them through this enriching experience.

Throughout their visit, we arranged a comprehensive tour of several mushroom farms, each specializing in shiitake, oyster, and enoki mushrooms. At each location, we revealed the intricate details of the cultivation methods, emphasizing the meticulous care and expertise required to cultivate these delicious fungi. The Spanish delegation was fascinated by the diverse techniques and the attention to detail that each farm exhibited.

Moreover, we proudly presented our cutting-edge automated production lines, demonstrating their remarkable efficiency and precision in mushroom cultivation. The Spaniards were deeply impressed by the seamless integration of technology and traditional mushroom farming techniques, which promised significant boosts in production yields.

The investors expressed keen interest in our equipment and inquired about the customization options available to suit their unique needs. We engaged in lively discussions about potential collaborations and explored innovative ways to integrate our technology into their mushroom cultivation operations, ensuring a seamless transition and maximum benefits.