Thai Customers Visit Satrise To Purchase Mushroom Equipment

Release Time: 2021-07-11
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On July 10, 2021, we welcomed a visit from Thai customer Nitipha. Nitipha’s visit this time is mainly to purchase a fully automatic bagging line for his company’s mushroom factory to cope with the shortage of supply in the local market. Thailand’s mushroom market is booming, and Nitipha plans to expand production scale and improve production efficiency.

Previously, customers have purchased our loops, covers and bags for testing, and the mushroom cultivation results are excellent. This gives customers full confidence in the fully automatic equipment of our factory. In order to further deepen customers’ understanding of our equipment, we specially arranged for customers to visit a nearby king oyster mushroom factory. This mushroom factory has a high level of automation and an orderly production process, which has left a deep impression on customers.

During the visit, the customer became very interested in China’s export of fresh mushrooms and its packaging model. We introduced in detail the current situation and advantages of China’s fresh mushroom export, as well as our innovative technology and experience in fresh mushroom packaging. The customer said that this visit not only deepened their understanding of our equipment, but also broadened their horizons and was full of expectations for future cooperation.