The Satrise Team Went To Europe To Inspect And Visit Customers

Release Time: 2023-05-20
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In May 2023, the Satrise team embarked on an inspection trip to Europe, aiming to deepen cooperation with European customers and understand the development trends of the local edible fungi industry. During this inspection, we specially visited important customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

When visiting the customer’s mushroom production workshop and fruiting room, we witnessed the excellent performance of Satrise equipment with our own eyes. Customers said that Satrise’s equipment not only helped them improve production efficiency, but also reduced costs, bringing them considerable economic benefits. More importantly, these devices also enhance their market competitiveness and give them an advantage in the market.
At the same time, we had in-depth exchanges with customers on equipment performance, production efficiency, and future technology upgrades. Customers have expressed high recognition of our products and technology and hope that we can continue to provide high-quality equipment and services to jointly promote the further development of the European edible fungi industry.
Through this inspection, we not only deepened our understanding of the European market, but also gained valuable customer feedback and suggestions. As an equipment supplier, Satrise will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrades, providing customers with more efficient and intelligent edible fungi production equipment to help them achieve greater success. At the same time, we also look forward to establishing cooperative relationships with more customers to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the global edible fungi industry.