Ukrainian customers come to Satrise for inspection

Release Time: 2019-12-15
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In December 2019, one of our Ukrainian customers planned to grow King Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) in Ukraine and went to China for an in-depth inspection. As a leading manufacturer of edible fungi cultivation equipment, satrise company accompanied and guided customers throughout the process.

The Ukrainian delegation visited our equipment factory and cooperative mushroom farm, eager to learn about our advanced edible fungus cultivation technology and equipment. Our team of experts provide detailed explanations, demonstrations and tours that highlight the features and benefits of our equipment. We also share our extensive knowledge of mushroom growth cycles, temperature control and moisture management.

Clients are impressed by our professional approach and product quality. They expressed their strong interest in working with us to launch a successful mushroom growing business in Ukraine. We discussed potential partnership opportunities and the technical support we could provide to ensure the smooth operation of their facilities.