Partnership between UNESP & SATRISE

Release Time: 2024-02-03
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The Mushroom Studies Center (CECOG), of the Faculty of Agricultural and Technological Sciences (FCAT/UNESP – Dracena Campus), signed an international collaboration with the Chinese company SATRISE. The collaboration will enable the development of mushroom cultivation technologies in Brazil, South America and China.

For this, SATRISE donated some equipment used in mushroom production (from fermenters to a complete substrate production line), which will be allocated at CECOG, for the training of undergraduate and graduate students. The equipment will also be used in producer training and other extension and research activities.
Professor Diego Cunha Zied points out that: “The donated equipment will be extremely important for the development of fungiculture in Brazil, as one of the great challenges of mushroom production is to find qualified labor capable of working in the different stages of cultivation”. This partnership has already begun to reap good results, as is the case with the approval of the PIBIC scholarship (9/2023) of the student Bruno de Souza Rocha, entitled “Production of Lentinula edodes in substrate formulated with different formats and water stress”; which aims to compare different managements in the production of shiitake.
“We would like to thank the commitment of the FCAT board and the Unesp board for the consolidation of this partnership, and also doctors Mike Sun and Bin Sun (SATRISE), for donating equipment and trust for the development and popularization of fungiculture in America do Sul”, concludes Zied.