Welcome Mr. Greg To Visit Satrise For Guidance And Communication

Release Time: 2024-04-14
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On the morning of April 14th, 2024, the President of the International Mushroom Association, Mr. Greg, and the President of the China Edible Fungi Association, Mr. Gao, visited our company for an exchange. During their visit, they were briefed on our company’s development and achievements, and the two leaders expressed their appreciation for our contributions to the edible fungi industry.

The leaders also engaged in meaningful discussions on the future development of the edible fungi industry. They emphasized the importance of innovation, sustainability, and market expansion, urging us to continue exploring new technologies and markets to drive the industry forward.

This visit not only showcased our company’s strengths but also established stronger ties with the international and domestic mushroom communities. We are confident that this exchange will pave the way for future collaborations and mutual growth within the edible fungi industry.