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one-stop solution
one-stop solution
Our company specializes in mushroom factory production systems and has extensive experience in mushroom farm design and cultivation equipment production.
If you just plan start grow mushroom, you can find satrise;If you have grown mushroom for some years and plan enlarge your growth scale, you can find satrise; If you have mushroom farm and plan improve your growth facility, you can find satrise;If you meet some questions while growth, you can find satrise. We are willing to share our advice for your mushroom growth or mushroom plant construction or mushroom growth machine choice.
Just share us your idea, we help you make it become truth. Show us your land size, invest scale, automatic level,mushroom type, growth model choice,growth process etc,we help you design whole plant layout.If you need, we can also help you issue whole plant construction drawing.
For whole project construction,there are two choice:our engineer guide your worker to do construction job; construction worker and engineer,both from satrise.
Satrise has whole growth system machine.There are bag growth system machine, bottle growth system machine and shelf growth system machine.
Technology has spawn technology and growth technology.Satrise can offer both technology service.We can arrange our technical person to your place and train your worker;or you fly to china and we arrange you to local mushroom plant or mushroom training school to learn. Meanwhile, we can also offer different culture.
Make international friends understand China edible fungus cultivation, promote the development of the edible fungus industry around the world, satrise company is willing to discuss with around the edible fungus practitioners, exchange edible fungus planting technology and experience, common construction edible fungus project, jointly enjoy the benefits brought by the variety of edible fungus industry development.