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Professional Company Integrating

Release Time:2024-02-03
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Client from Europe sent Satrise an inquiry which stating purchase equipment list of 8m3 autoclave with one set sterilize shelf, mycelium shelf, gas steam boiler, bagging machine, conveyors, laminar flow hood. Before email, client has confirmed and designed their production scale, visited European mushroom facilities to learn already with clear purpose.


We confirm the sterilize quantity per run/load and dimension of their using bags with client, in order to calculate to recommend suitable volume autoclave with matched gas steam generator/boiler, sterilize carts, suitable bagging machine for square filter bags, suitable size mycelium shelf and laminar flow hood with our professionalism and experience . At the same time, we send catalog to client to show what we provide and introduce current higher advanced mushroom cultivation methods in China for reference.

3.Help Client Design Facility

Client send us simple drafted diagram of facility and we arrange our technician department to make brief designing to show the layout which we advice. Then client know how to place equipment properly and design different function areas better for mushroom production.