World Mushroom Conference – Enoki Mushroom Factory Inspection

Release Time: 2024-04-24
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On April 24, 2024, the Satrise team successfully led the delegation of the 2024 Edible Fungi Whole Industry Chain Cross-Border Innovation and Development Conference to the Enoki Mushroom Production Base in Biyang County for an in-depth visit and exchange.

As an important part of the visit to this conference, the Enoki mushroom production base in Biyang County attracted widespread attention from the delegation with its ultra-large-scale and highly automated production process. This base is the only edible fungi production base that adopts bottle cultivation mode, and its production scale and technical level of enoki mushrooms are in the leading position in the industry.

Under the careful arrangements of the reception staff, the delegation members first visited the fully automatic bottling production line. This production line uses advanced mechanical equipment and automation technology to achieve fast, accurate and efficient bottling of Enoki mushroom strains. Members of the delegation stopped to watch and expressed their admiration for the operating efficiency and accuracy of the production line.

Later, the delegation came to the automatic transmission line area. Here, enoki mushroom bottles are accurately sent to various production links through automatic transmission lines, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. Members of the delegation spoke highly of the accuracy and stability of the transmission line.

Immediately afterwards, the delegation visited the mushroom house. Here, enoki mushrooms thrive under the right conditions of temperature, light and humidity. Members of the delegation showed strong interest in the automated control equipment and technical parameters of the mushroom house, and asked the technical staff questions and exchanges. The technicians patiently answered the questions and introduced in detail the automated control system of the mushroom house and how to optimize the growth conditions of Enoki mushrooms through precise control of environmental parameters.

Finally, the delegation came to the automatic packaging line area. Here, after cleaning, selecting, grading and other processes, the enoki mushrooms are automatically packaged into exquisite products, ready to be shipped to all parts of the country and even overseas markets. Members of the delegation expressed their appreciation for the intelligence and efficiency of the packaging line, and expressed full confidence in the market prospects of the Enoki mushroom production base in Biyang County.

This visit and exchange event was a complete success. Members of the delegation spoke highly of the production scale, automation and technical level of the Enoki mushroom production base in Biyang County, and said that they were very shocked and satisfied with the inspection.

Through this event, the Satrise team successfully promoted exchanges and cooperation in the edible fungi industry at home and abroad, injecting new vitality into the international development of the Enoki mushroom production base in Biyang County. In the future, the Satrise team will continue to be committed to promoting the innovative development of the edible fungi industry and contribute more to the prosperity and development of the global edible fungi industry.